The Ollie & Moon Show – TV Review

  • Common Sense Media
    TV review by Emily Ashby
    The Ollie & Moon Show is a fun way to introduce youngsters to the concepts of different cultures and geography, as well as the general excitement about taking a trip to a new place. Though the presentation and context are kept very simple (Ollie and Moon bike past acres of tulips and windmills in the Netherlands, for instance), they’re enough to give preschoolers a basic point of reference for the places the characters visit, as well as a positive impression of trying new things in new places.


TVO greenlights 16 Hudson

  • Playback
    by Jordan Pinto
    Produced by Vancouver-based Big Bad Boo Studios, the preschool series has secured deals with four national broadcasters.


The Magic School Bus Rides Again – TV Review

  • Common Sense Media
    TV review by Emily Ashby
    The Magic School Bus Rides Again doesn’t mess too much with a good thing, and kids who have watched the ’90s series will appreciate the generally consistent cast and overall style of the show. The new kid in class — Jyoti (Birva Pandya) — reflects the show’s commitment to continued diversity, and its gender balance among the STEM-interested students is another plus.


Actress Melinda Shankar: Unplugged & Loving It!

  • Anokhi Magazine
    Recognize this cutie pertuttie? Well your kids definitely would. Canadian teen actress, Melinda Shankar is a sensation in the teen acting world. At 19yrs old, this Guyanese beauty has accomplished bagging principle roles in two major globally syndicated TV shows…

Twenty Minutes with Connor Undercover’s Max Morrow

  • Urban Moms
    Ali Martell
    I’m not going to lie. When I heard I was going to be interviewing this guy who plays Connor Heath on Family Channel’s show – about double agents and president’s daughters and triple crosses – Connor Undercover, I was expecting him to be Bieber-esque. I mean, this, obviously, in the best way possible.


Review: Connor Undercover S2

  • YTN – Youth Television News
    Matthew D. Pascoe
    The second season of spy drama sitcom Connor Undercover world premiered today on ABC3. The series has managed to grow since the previous season, with more character development, story arcs and improved acting.

Inside ‘Indie’: YTV series returns with wacky second season

  • TV Guide
    Denette Wilford
    Now it’s all about Phineas & Ferb, The Suite Life on Deck, iCarly and I’m in the Band. And to be honest, that’s fine with me because they are shows that are not only geared for younger viewers, but manage to placate adults as well. Another show that will be added to her favourites is How to Be Indie, which centres on a 13-year-old girl as she balances the traditions of her South Asian family along with the everyday quirks of being a teenager.

Colour blind casting opens new doors for artists

  • Expressions Magazine
    Tamara Baluja
    The Guyanese-Canadian actress also stars as Indira, a young South Asian teen, on YTV’s How to be Indie. The comedy focuses on a 13-year-old Torontonian who wants to fit in but has strict and traditional Indian parents.

Online Exclusive: Expressions photo shoot with Melinda Shankar

  • Expressions Magazine
    Tamara Baluja
    Check out this online gallery of Melinda Shankar’s photo shoot. Melinda is the star of How To Be Indie.

DVD Review: Our Hero – The Complete Series

    Richard Marcus
    Our Hero was one of those shows critics used the words “fresh,” “smart,” and “innovative” to describe. In
    contrast to what most often depicts life as a teenager, it does indeed stand head and shoulders above
    anything else that’s been on the air before and since.


A breath of fresh air. One of this year’s freshest, most innovative comedies

  • The National Post
    Dan Brown
    This new CBC teen comedy, revolves around 17-yearold Kale Stiglic (Cara Pifko), a high school student who publishes a zine based on her own life. An energetic blend of live action and animation, it calls to mind both Malcolm in the Middle and Fox’s old Parker Lewis Can’t Lose show.


Watch this show, if you have any sense at all

  • The Globe and Mail
    John Doyle
    Watch this show, if you have any sense at all. Because it airs at 7:30 p.m. it isn’t on every single CBC station and it isn’t getting the attention it deserves. It deserves viewers because it’s in the estimable CBC tradition of smart teen shows.