Ahhhh Awards Season.

That time of year when you find yourself in your Spanx, digging under the bed for your adulting heels, coughing up hairballs that, while you were sleeping, have apparently been unionizing for this moment, chastising yourself for your criminal housekeeping ways, and then – beaten back to your asthma puffer – deciding to wear flats anyway because please, you’re gonna walk in heels? How close to being a meme do you actually want to come?

You get it.

And the nominees are…!

Galapagos X- 2024 Prix Jeunesse

It’s a climate change show – for kids! And it’s funny, and it’s hopeful and inspiring and gives kids some really great science to hang onto as they grow up on our quickly changing planet. We exec produced and wrote on this Big Bad Boo show with amazing creator Shabnam Rezaei for TVO.

John May and Suzanne Bolch for 16 Hudson “Spice Box” – 2023 Canadian Screen Award for Best Writing Children’s or Youth

This one is actually from last  year, but we missed noting it what with our noses to some grindstone or another. For four seasons 16 Hudson has tackled preschool topics big and small, heavy and light, and always with humour. We exec produced and wrote on this Big Bad Boo show with Shabnam Rezaei for TVO – along with a diverse group of writers with whom we enjoyed THE BEST and most fun stories about all the different cultures they were from.

And the winner is…!

Suzanne Bolch and John May for Superbuns! “The Sweet Sound of Christmas” – 2024 Writer’s Guild of Canada Award – Preschool

Superbuns! is what it sounds like – a superhero bunny! And her superpower? Kindness. This one was with the wonderful creator Diane Kredensor (based on her books) for Peacock. Diane waves a funny wand over everything she touches so this show was just such a blast to work on. An award is just like a shiny heavy metal cherry on top. 

And now with Awards Season over, it’s back to our sweatpants! And the heels go back under the bed where they can’t taunt us for another delightful year.

–        Suz