Galapagos X

Galapagos X

Four kids from the future, which is a troubled one, come to the present to help us prevent climate change problems. Orchid, Zephyr, Rae, and Oshie, known as ‘Team Galapagos X’, work together to restore balance.

In the future, berries and flowers have all but disappeared. While Orchid is convinced that the fate of her precious orchids and the disappearance of berries are related, the rest of her team is too preoccupied with their first mission to realize that the two are connected. Together with Bobbi, Orchid goes back to the present to find out who is behind all of it… read more

Ruby and the Well

Ruby and the Well

When her father inherits an overgrown orchard, Ruby O’Reilly discovers a magic well. She’s been designated its new “keeper,” and now it’s up to her and her friends Mina and Sam to turn unfulfilled wishes into reality.

Sesame Street: Play To Learn

Sesame Street: Play To Learn

The US children’s show Sesame Street has created two new muppets to help deliver early years education to Rohingya children living in the world’s largest refugee camp.

Noor and Aziz are six-year-old twins who will feature in a series of educational videos for children living in Bangladesh’s Cox’s Bazar.

Since 2017, more than 700,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled a brutal army crackdown in neighbouring Myanmar.

Half of those in the camp are children.

Sesame Street: Ahlan Simsim

Sesame Street: Ahlan Simsim

Ahlan Simsim—“Welcome Sesame” in Arabic—offers a warm and joyful welcome to early learning to young children across the Middle East, especially those affected by displacement. Designed for children ages 3-8, Ahlan Simsim features familiar faces Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Grover, two brand-new Muppet friends named Basma and Jad, animated characters, and pals like a lovable and mischievous baby goat named Ma’zooza who eats everything in sight. Basma, an almost-6-year-old purple Muppet, welcomed her yellow-furred friend Jad with open arms when he moved to her neighborhood, and their playful learning adventures continue as their friendship grows. Basma is a born performer who loves to sing, while Jad expresses himself through art and can paint in midair with his grandfather’s special paintbrush. read more

The Ollie & Moon Show

Ollie and Moon are two best friends with an appetite for adventure! When the oh-so-cheery Moon gets a brainstorm, she drags careful-cat Ollie off on a wild expedition around the world.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again

Ms. Frizzle's kid sister Fiona takes the wheel at Walkerville Elementary, leading the class on wild adventures packed with science-fueled fun.

16 Hudson

A small neighbourhood in the big city is the whole world for a group of kids sharing the apartment building at 16 Hudson. Sam and Lili couldn't be from more different families, but they've been best buddies since diaper days.

Space Bacon

When Thomas, 14, wandered into a new UFO theme restaurant, he discovered a few things that weren't on the menu. Like aliens. Determined to incinerate him in what turns out to be an actual crash-landed UFO. But now it's the biggest hit diner on the planet - so long as Thomas keeps the aliens' secret.

Click through to see the pilot that set the world on fire! Wait, not the world - my pants!

How to be Indie

13-year old Indira "Indie" Mehta (Melinda Shankar) balances her 'traditional-values' life at home with her 'let's-have-fun!' friends at school to create a mixed-up but laugh-filled life.

Dead Rock Stars

Dead rock stars - from Biggie to Tupac to Cobain to James Brown - jam the eternity away. Voices by Sean Cullen.

Cartoons for grown-ups. Click through to see the awesome demo!