Frog Force

Three alarm science.

Sawyer, 7, just wants to know. Why? How? What for? Common things, but mind bogglers. Why does a mosquito bite itch? How does the sun light up? Do bugs sleep? And when he’s out wandering by the pond or in the big backyard behind the old farmhouse, he can’t help but ask his question out loud. Which he should never do. Because Larry will freak out.

Larry, dog, assumes every baffling question IS THE BIGGEST CRISIS OF ALL TIME! When he hears a question like ‘how do fish live in frozen water’, he goes apoplectic. WHAT? EXACTLY! HOW DO FISH LIVE IN FROZEN WATER? ARE THEY IN DANGER? ARE WE NEXT? Larry grabs his emergency wanna-know-why-whistle and blows! And the entire marsh responds. It’s the Frog Force!

In development with Media Rendezvous and Paul Gilligan, famous cartoonist dude!