Deelia has always dared to be different.

It’s not that she’s contrary; she just doesn’t worry much about what other people think. She does things her way. She changes things. She helps people. She rises to an occasion. She’s always been like this – a maverick, a real superhero in the making.

So when, on her 11th birthday her big present from her Gram turns out to be secret superpowers (super speed, xray vision, super hearing, super strength) and her dog turns out to be her very own sidekick who can talk to her, she is all over that.

At first, it all seems fantastic. She can solve any problem! There’s no one she can’t help! No wrong she can’t right! Just watch her clean up her little corner of the universe! But turns out, there’s a huge difference between ‘powers’ and ‘power’. And even though she can lift her bed with one hand, she still has to be in it by bedtime. Plus there are still school rules to follow and the social intricacies of sixth grade to navigate. So a lot of the time her superpowers are as much a complication as they are a solution. Lucky for her, as complicated as having superpowers is, they sure make her life a lot more fun.

Created by Laura Vandervoort. Developed by Suz & John.
In development with Shaftesbury Kids & YTV.