Wait. Huh? Wuzzuh? (lifts head, looks around groggily)

Well, that’s what it feels like around here these days. We’ve just emerged from a lot of production and the shows are now premiering, ready to spread their wings and soar like little birdies. Fly, TV shows, fly!

We just wrapped Season 4 of Ruby and the Well with Shaftesbury, the ‘emotional procedural’ that’s been seen across the continent over the last buncha years. That makes 36 hourlong episodes so far! Season 3 is now airing on Family and BYUTV, and season 4 will be along whenever the broadcasters darn well feel like it.

Galapagos X, produced by BigBadBoo, premiered on TVOKids recently and has already been nominated for a Prix Jeunesse, so that’s a thing. And Season 4 of preschool series 16 Hudson is in production right now at this exact minute! That brings the total number of eps of this award-winning show to, I wanna say, 105 or something? Is that right?

And one of our all-time favourites has just premiered on NBC Peacock, a bouncy little cartoon called SuperBuns, created by talent extraordinaire and all round great person Diane Kredensor with Yowza Animation. It’s based on her book series about a superbunny whose power is kindness. How adorable is that? (Hint: very.) And along the way managed to work with new cohorts of fabulous writers and creators, many from the BIPOC Kids Writing Bootcamp, whose work we enthusiastically support. And as always , we’re nothing but grateful to be working with so many great collaborators, producers, broadcasters, crew, artists and writers. Is this a golden age? Feels like a golden age. Or maybe that’s just the sun. (Looks around, still blinking groggily)