Evil, from the inside out.

Fifteen year old Jay Hackett is smart but without focus. Elle, also fifteen, is the reclusive daughter of a billionaire tech genius. Problem is, she’s agoraphobic – but has figured out how to see the world and take real action in it – through technology – like NextGen.
NextGen is a tiny, shiny black earpiece that creates a holographic VisionField in front of your eyes and jacks data directly into your nervous system. Elle can turn whoever’s wearing it into a superstar: stronger, faster, smarter. It’s the edge she needs if she’s going to save the planet. Because out in the world there’s an eletronic virus.that jumps into the ear of the user via the earbuds, andhijacks the user’s brain. and turns them into monsters. But why? Are they some kind of army? If so, who do they work for? What’s the endgame? And why doesn’t Elle just go tell her dad? For one good reason: she suspects he may be behind the whole thing. But with Jay on the outside, and Elle riffing with Jay via NextGen, they’re going to take this conspiracy down. It’s a bad day to be a monster.