Yep, we’re tight with ‘Cookie’ these days (as we insiders call him) – and also Elmo and Grover, plus the new cast of a brand new Sesame Street series called ‘Ahlan Simsim’. That means “Welcome Sesame” in Arabic, and it’s one piece of a groundbreaking program designed for children and caregivers affected by the Syrian conflict. As the Sesame people put it:


This historic initiative — the largest early childhood intervention in the history of humanitarian response — will reach millions of children in the Syrian response region and Bangladesh with early education, nurturing care, and playful learning —with millions more reached through mass media. It’s an all-out push on a massive scale. Because an investment in these children is an investment in a more peaceful and stable world for everyone.


So what did we have to do with this? Jokes, mainly. Plus some bragging. But mostly jokes.


Actually, we were Consulting Producers on the project. along with the brilliant Diane Kredensor, creator and EP of The Ollie and Moon Show. Our jobs were to help steer the local creative team in bringing the social-emotional curriculum to life. It was a daunting responsibility – our audience is made up of kids who’ve been through some stuff, and the show provides tools to help deal with difficult feelings.


The show is in production now with Jordan Pioneers, and debuts later this fall. More on the initiative here:


And here:


In other news:


Season Two of 16 Hudson is written and in production!


Ollie and Moon is launching all over the place, including, like, China.


We have a couple other new exciting projects in the works with Big Bad Boo, including the eco series Galapagos X, and a new toon set in the Philippines!


New exciting shows in the works with Shaftesbury, too! Stay tuned for news…


Also, Suzanne got a dog. And she’s pretty funny. For a dog.