Jump Up!

Twice the spice.

You’re both ten. You have the same birthday. You’re cute. You’re the colour of caramel candy. And people everywhere just assume you are so the same. They are so wrong.

It started with the ‘rents. Dad (Scottish-Canadian) is so crazy different from mom (Trinidadian-Canadian) you wonder how they fell in love and got married – until you figured out it’s because they were so crazy different that they fell in love and got married. But now, you and your twin are supposed to be a mishmash of the best of both worlds. Instead, you’re both pieces of both worlds – very, very different ones.
Aliyah is boisterous and lively. Alex is bookish and thoughtful. And just as their household is a collision of two cultures, these mixed-race siblings eventually figure out there’s more than one way to look at this giant collage of a world they’ve inherited. And their points of view are oceans apart – even about each other….