Sesame Street: Ahlan Simsim

Ahlan Simsim—“Welcome Sesame” in Arabic—offers a warm and joyful welcome to early learning to young children across the Middle East, especially those affected by displacement. Designed for children ages 3-8, Ahlan Simsim features familiar faces Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Grover, two brand-new Muppet friends named Basma and Jad, animated characters, and pals like a lovable and mischievous baby goat named Ma’zooza who eats everything in sight. Basma, an almost-6-year-old purple Muppet, welcomed her yellow-furred friend Jad with open arms when he moved to her neighborhood, and their playful learning adventures continue as their friendship grows. Basma is a born performer who loves to sing, while Jad expresses himself through art and can paint in midair with his grandfather’s special paintbrush.


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