Let’s make your show go!   

As well as launching our own shows, we’ve collaborated with several other producers to get their series off the ground, too. We’ve been on the ground floor of too many shows to mention, working with producers like BigBadBoo, Cottonwood, SpinMaster, Herschend, Shaftesbury and many more. We’ve helped bring dozens of properties from a twinkle in the eye all the way to production launch! 

Any of these sound familiar? – I want to get into original IP and need to find a brilliant property. – I have a brand new idea, and need to build it out into a winning pitch. – I have a bunch of new ideas, and need to pick the best one and get it market ready. – I have a pretty solid idea, some cool materials, and need to finish my pitch package. – I have a mini-bible, art, and a script, and I’m ready to pitch. I just need to make sure I have a bulletproof presentation. – My show’s been picked up! Now I need to develop the strongest creative I can to clinch that production order! – I’VE GOT THE ORDER! Now I need to build a winning production system.   No matter which stage you’re at, we can help:   

I) Identify Your Mission: Demographics, Genre, Buyers 

II) Find the Concept: Original IP or adapting existing IP 

III) Develop and Test the Concept: Designing your show, Curriculum, Characters, Comedy, Episode road maps, Season arcs, Working with creatives 

IV) Pitch Package: Logline, Bible & Pitch deck, Sample script, Sizzle reels 

V) Selling the Show: Materials, Verbal presentation, Pitch coaching 

VI) Production: Ideation, Story structure & analysis, Notes & communication, The ‘North American sensibility’, Diversity, Network relations, Showrunning 

VII) All the in-between bits, too!   For all phases, we’re there for – Continued support – Analysis of creative materials – Notes & recommendations – Creative & production troubleshooting


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