Captain Flamingo

“A shining beak of justice!”

In a world where grownups rule, who watches out for the little kids? Who saves them from the hair-mangling barber, the bathing-suit -snatching pool-bot, or the greatest evil of all – tofu burgers? And who helps them navigate tricky grownup rules, like ‘finding your manners’ when you don’t know where you left them, or eating liver that tastes like fried tailpipe, or finishing that Really Huge Giant House-Sized Big Gulp you started? Just call the Captain, who, with his backpack of powerful novelty items, saves the day, every day. Featuring the voices of the wildly witty Tabitha St. Germain (Sabrina the Teenage Witch) and comic legend Peter Keleghan.

Gemini Nomination for Best Animated Program, 2007

104 X 11 plus 22 min. special.
A co-production with Breakthrough Entertainment, Atomic Cartoons and Philippine Animators Group.
Distributed by Breakthrough Entertainment.


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