Dead Rock Stars

Stars on ice.

Rock stars don’t just die, they go to a special place just outside of heaven where they rock out for eternity. But frankly, all the racket gives God a headache. He needs someone to keep the stars in line (and the volume down). He needs someone firm, decisive, and maybe a little nasty – someone like Nigel Callow, the ex-reality show host. He’s freshly dead, and a sure-fire candidate for damnation until God picks him to run the joint. Dead rock stars, from all eras and of all ages, populate this place called Club Pandemonium, battling for stage time and drowning each other out. Callow can only move on by doing enough good to counter all the pain he caused while on Earth. Voices by Sean Cullen. Click the links to check it out!

DRS Trailer from John May on Vimeo.

DRS PSA – Enunciate from John May on Vimeo.

DRS Career on Drugs PSA from John May on Vimeo.


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