How to be Indie

“Stuck in the middle with me.”

When she was little, all Indie had to do was pass her curry off as ‘stew’ and explain to her classmates that not everyone who wears a turban is a genie. But now that she’s thirteen, and everything’s way more complicated. Because her friends are barrelling forward, enjoying all the freedom and fun that comes with being a teenager! But her parents seem to rely more and more on out-dated traditions and values in an effort to cling to their South Asian heritage. Indie’s caught at the crossroads of South Asian Heritage and Teenage Life Avenue. But good days or bad, she wouldn’t trade her mixed up life for anyone else’s. Because, she’s pretty sure nobody laughs as much as she does; nobody eats better; and nobody’s life is richer or weirder than hers.

52 X 30
Season I produced by Heroic Film Company
Season II co-produced by Heroic Television and Sudden Storm Entertainment.

Why, lookee here! A whole episode!