Excuses, Inc.

Relax. We got this.

From now on, banish the words ‘it was my fault’ from your vocab. Because Marv guarantees that 24 hours after you’ve stepped into a knee-deep pile of trouble, it will be like it never happened. Call now – smooth operators are standing by.

Six kids, all fifteen. They game the world and build you an airtight excuse for your problem. Roll dad’s Beamer into the lake? Well, it was either that or risk the lives of that bus load of schoolkids, right? That little incident with the paintball gun? Oh, they must mean that acclaimed performance art piece of yours. Want to Skype with your bf in Australia after midnight? Of course you’ll get permission, once the words’s out that it involves national security. In other words, if Excuses Inc. wants it to happen, it happens. So relax. They got this.

In development with Picture Box Distribution.

Watch the trailer here!


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