A large order of strange, with a side of ‘whaaaa?’.

Protect the secret. Appease the aliens. Deal with that table of twelve. Yeah, this is not your average after school job…

What makes theme restaurant Space Bacon such a smash? Well, maybe it’s that it looks just like a crash-landed UFO – because it is one. Or maybe it’s the super-entertaining costumed waiters (actual aliens) or the delicious food (bonus! It glows in the dark!). Whatever the reason, the credit should go to Thomas, the 15-year-old owner’s son/manager, who rescued the clueless aliens from governmental prodding by using the restaurant as their cover. Now he works there, runs interference and helps his alien buddies learn enough about human nature to survive til the tow-craft arrives from their home planet, oh, 150 or so light years from now.

Check out the pilot – now live on YTV.com



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