Zit Happens

A guy grows a talking pimple on his forehead. As classy as it sounds. Art by Peter Bagge.

Ted vs. Evil

A fake superhero gets mistaken for the real thing by a bunch of supervillains bent on his destruction! Art by Jay Stephens.

Scratch & Sniff

Buddy cops Scratch and Sniff are going to clean up this town, one criminal critter at a time.


What if your iPod was evil? All over the world, smart devices are secretly hijacking users’ bodies, minds - and souls...


Three kids - the mystic, the skeptic, and the thrill seeker - run DreadLab, their self-made window into the paranormal.

Me and My Two Half Sisters

Budding magician Ron sawed his sister in half - but couldn't get her back together again. So now he has two half-sisters - along with a growing entourage of magical failures.

Super Smart Kitty Cat

A top professor of psychology is reincarnated as an impossibly cute, fluffy kitty cat. And now he’s the one with issues!