NEWS – Feb. 2024

Wait. Huh? Wuzzuh? (lifts head, looks around groggily)

Well, that’s what it feels like around here these days. We’ve just emerged from a lot of production and the shows are now premiering, ready to spread their wings and soar like little birdies. Fly, TV shows, fly!

We just wrapped Season 4 of Ruby and the Well with Shaftesbury, the ‘emotional procedural’ that’s been seen across the continent over the last buncha years. That makes 36 hourlong episodes so far! Season 3 is now airing on Family and BYUTV, and season 4 will be along whenever the broadcasters darn well feel like it. read more



So we were at some industry conference a few years ago and there was a big banner across somebody’s booth that said “Kids Love Content.”

Wow, we thought. 

That’s some kinda insight. Kids do love content! What’s better than content? Content is the best! So, as, er, ‘content-creators,’ we’re certainly thrilled to learn that and have been busily making content ever since. For the kids!

The second season of ‘Ruby and the Well,’ an hourlong ‘emotional procedural,’ has wrapped. The whole team, from the crew to the cast to everyone in post and beyond have given the series their all, and it shows. And it looks like it’s building an enthusiastic fan base across the continent. Watch for the new season to air on BYUTV and Family Channel later this year. Plus this: read more

Review: Connor Undercover S2

  • YTN – Youth Television News
    Matthew D. Pascoe
    The second season of spy drama sitcom Connor Undercover world premiered today on ABC3. The series has managed to grow since the previous season, with more character development, story arcs and improved acting.


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We’re now on a first name basis with the Cookie Monster.

Yep, we’re tight with ‘Cookie’ these days (as we insiders call him) – and also Elmo and Grover, plus the new cast of a brand new Sesame Street series called ‘Ahlan Simsim’. That means “Welcome Sesame” in Arabic, and it’s one piece of a groundbreaking program designed for children and caregivers affected by the Syrian conflict. As the Sesame people put it:


This historic initiative — the largest early childhood intervention in the history of humanitarian response — will reach millions of children in the Syrian response region and Bangladesh with early education, nurturing care, and playful learning —with millions more reached through mass media. It’s an all-out push on a massive scale. Because an investment in these children is an investment in a more peaceful and stable world for everyone.


So what did we have to do with this? Jokes, mainly. Plus some bragging. But mostly jokes.


Actually, we were Consulting Producers on the project. along with the brilliant Diane Kredensor, creator and EP of The Ollie and Moon Show. Our jobs were to help steer the local creative team in bringing the social-emotional curriculum to life. It was a daunting responsibility – our audience is made up of kids who’ve been through some stuff, and the show provides tools to help deal with difficult feelings.


The show is in production now with Jordan Pioneers, and debuts later this fall. More on the initiative here: read more

Just catching our breath here…

It’s been a busy bunch of months!


The second season of ‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again’ is now streaming on Netflix. Watch them all and experience all kinds of science fun – and discover how the bus gets its magic! Plus, the series has just been nominated for ‘2019 Best Animated Program or Series’ in this years’ Canadian Screen Awards. Bus, do your stuff!


The $18m animated movie we co-wrote, “Troll: A Tale of a Tail” has been released in Europe and is now on the festival circuit.


We just finished writing the second seasons of both 16 Hudson (TVO) and Ollie and Moon (TVO and Netflix), and production is underway!


Plus, production has just begun on another cool new super secret series (stay tuned for details). And we’ve recently been enlisted to work on a project with a few beloved iconic characters we all grew up with, which has been thrilling! So, with some other exciting new things in development, 2019 promises as busy as ever!

Super Duper Deelia

Super Duper Deelia is an eleven-year-old dynamo – an opinionated, mismatched-socks-wearing, tomboy hero – who wants to change the world with her superpowers. But it’s actually Deelia’s power of thinking differently that saves the day.


Finally, an animated movie about those morons in comments sections who are all kissy-face with Donald Trump! Psyche! No, it’s Troll – the Tale of a Tail, a theatrical feature about the actual, real-life, genuine mythical folks that live deep in the Norwegian forests and, as it turns out, are as cute as all get out. We’re honoured to be part of this $15m project that explores the coming of age of a kid-turned-hero-troll named Trym – a bildungsroman for the diminutive, hairy set. With monsters.

Peter Dodd (Frankenweenie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Tale of Despereaux, Corpse Bride) and Kristian Kamp direct this Canada/Norway/UK project.

More info here:

Awards-a-rama: Geminis, DGCs and more

Hit HTV show How to Be Indie just got a bunch of awards nominations! Which ones? Glad you asked ’cause now we get to puff our chests up with pride as we list them for ya.

300 Zillion

300 zillion years in the future a group of strange creatures, each with their own talent for survival, band together not just to survive – but to really live!

Comedy cartoons for kids. Pilot in production now!